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23 September 2012



Congratulations on your new job, Kim! Wishing you all the best.


I won't say being downsized is The Worst, but having to go through the song and dance of an unexpected job search is right up there with horrible life experiences, requiring courage beyond belief. Congratulations on having made it through it all, Kim. Ad here's to the new job - to new co-workers, whether they knit or not - and to the world being right again. So glad you had pink soccer socks to look at in the meantime (she just gets cuter with each passing year).


So glad to hear you're getting back to good!


I'm glad to hear that you've found a good job. Good luck with it!


Oh man, that heart-sinking "I know what's about to hapen but can't avoid it" feeling...ugh. I'm happy that things are looking up for you now, though! :)


Congrats on the new job! Ugh, being unemployed is not a picnic. So stressful!

The pupsters are looking adorable, as ever, and I love the autumn decor.


I know how awful it was. But you lived through it. And you landed well. AND you got porch furniture ;) Cheers to you!

Barb Cooper

It's the biggest rip off in life--like, if you'd known you'd be back to work in four months, think of how you would have enjoyed the time off. But because of the unknown, it was impossible to enjoy it. I hope the job continues to be a place of good, and that this new door opening leads to all kinds of good for you and yours.


glad you have found some work. i hope it moves along in a positive, easy way.
ps. can't believe there is a soccer player already! xo

Archies Mum

Congratulations on finding a job. It must have been a very stressful time for you and your husband. Love your fall decorations. In the UK we don't have anything like that, so love seeing the American side of the different seasons :)


I'm sorry you had to go through that and had to keep it inside to process it. Sometimes we're our own worst enemy. I'm glad you're starting a new job and hope that somehow the last 4 months gives you a new perspective (besides how quickly the size of a bank account can go down).


Yay! so happy that you found a job and are getting back to good! Have you let your co-workers in on your obsession, uh, I mean "hobby" yet? Or is it too soon to give them a glimpse of the kookoo?


Well, that sucks. But yay for an enforced holiday, and double yay for a new job. Hope it will go well and that you will have lovely knitting-friendly colleagues!

Non-Knitting Coworker

Do I have to change my name to non-non-knitting coworker?
So happy for you.
And it looks like there are more than 3 of us following your posts.
xo own it muah!
(now I have to be the change...and start listening to my own rah rah advice)


Kim Enjoy your new job and good luck.
Love your yard, cannot believe your niece is playing soccer already, so cute.

jane your new job! And, that little niece of yours can't be four already...just not possible!


Congratulations on your new job! I know your angst, I'm pretty much without a job at this point too and with no options around here am going to stick my neck out and try to start a new business. gack! Enjoy your new job :-)

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