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08 December 2009



Good to hear you're on the mend - shame about sick hubby.
Your cowl looks so cozy ~ but Gianna definitely tops the post for cuteness! My gosh she's a doll. :)

Rose Red

Poor Jim! Am sure he'll be better in no time with you looking after him!

The cowl looks so cosy and smooshy - yum!

And yay for G wearing the hat!! Hurrah!


Poor Jim, it's so sad when the inevitable happens, isn't it!

Glad you're feeling better... goodness but that wee girl is a knockout!


I hope that is their Xmas picture. It is so darn cute.


Jeez, that neck warmer is gorgeous! I have to make it! I am so glad you are feeling better! Though Jim was a nice little stand in - (but he doesn't knit! Can you teach him before you are out again?!:) And little Gianna - gosh, she is the cutest!


oh, JIM! so sorry kim gave you her awful bug! :)
seriously. feel better soon!

and that picture. wow. heather is one talented photog. i LOVE everything about that photo.... with the handknits ranking right next to the precious little girl.

theresa/ t does wool

oh, special remedy ;)
well you did put your time to good use...
that hat is adorable.


Oreos & water! Sign me up for Aunt Kimmy camp!!


So glad to hear you're better, but wan-wan for Jim.

I thought I was SO over the whole cowl thing, but this one is freaking gorge. MUST HAVE!!! You always find the best patterns!


Glad to hear you are feeling almost 100%. I am LOVING your neckwarmer, you've got some perfect cables there lady! And Gianna is looking adorable as always!


Oh No! Glad you are feeling better, and now you have to tell Jim all his "new little knitting friends" are wishing him well. :)

Great neck warmer!


Sorry to hear about Jim - I hope he feels better soon! And glad you are getting back to yourself...

I love the cowl - so nice. I'm going to be a stalker and put it in my queue and immediately look for yarn for it.

G is so cute - what an adorable hat!


Oh no, "man flu" strikes again. We have had some of that here too, I saw it as an excellent opportunity to make the man regret his lack of sympathy during my own illness, a taste of his own medecine, so to speak.

Miss G steals the post yet again, she is wearing that hat beautifully.

Non Knitting Co-Worker

Hope Jim is feeling better and busy getting ready for his next guest post.
The kids want to come over for some more Oreos and water. It's a favorite.
Give my little G smooches from the paparazzi.


so sorry he is sick, but i am so glad that you are better. i love that cowl!! love it. i think i just decided what i am making my best friend for her birthday! thanks for the inspiration!


I am glad you are recovering, I think it is our turn now, husband is suffering and I am feeling wierd today!!
G looks adorable. :)


I'm so glad you are feeling better. Hope next week is the best ever!!!

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