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20 November 2008



Ooooh... I love all of your quick knits! Especially that scarf -- I'd love to knit one up for a Christmas gift.There's something so satisfying about finishing up a project fairly quickly and moving on to the next one straightaway. And there are so many great patterns out there. :-)

Rose Red

I love the mitten - I wouldn't worry about the stranding - blocking will sort it all out, won't it! (heh!)

I think that sometimes you want to knit jumpers and big projects and sometimes you don't. I reckon just go with the flow, no point in forcing yourself to knit something you don't feel like knitting - or for feeling guilty about it.


I gotta laugh, cause hon, you outknit everyone else I know. I'm scared to think that you used to knit MORE.

Overachiever anyone?

But you definitely deserve to finish a sweater for yourself. And I can't wait to see it finished.

theresa/t does wool

hmmm....lots of work being done over there...and everything is gorgeous...and I agree with nicole.finish that sweater!

Barb Cooper

Even with working full time, you still accomplish much more that *I* could, and more than most people! That mitten is just...spectacular.


that mitten is fantastic! Keep on with #2 - please!!!


I've been knitting the "little" stuff lately too...instant gratification serves me well right now! Love the scarf!


I really like that scarf, it's very cool. I've been in a small knit mood lately too which helps with the holiday knitting. You are much faster than me though :)


love the scarf!!! but i say baby sweaters are great! instant gratification in sweater form!


What a great scarf!!!


As someone in the midst of sewing on a second sleeve to a sweater... I TOTALLY hear ya' on the sweater hate. Stupid sweaters! Your scarf is beautiful - and no sleeves!


I have queued those gorgeous tree mitts, I love your little knits. Just lately thats all I seem to do to!

Account Deleted

You know what, I have suddenly realised that completing knitted items isn't all about the big things. I am learning to embrace little knits and the satisfation they bring. So well done for your incredible little projects!


You and your "quick knits"!;) They are all lovely -I need to try those tree mitts - and that anthropologie inspired goodie - perfect!


I am a queen of quick knits. It's embarrassing to admit it, but quick knits are all I've ever knit. I think I suffer from KADD (knitters add), for I simply can't stay with anything that takes too long.

The mitten is gorgeous! I hope you can find time to give it a mate. The hat is adorable, and I now want to knit one for every baby girl I know. I'd rather see your's on Gianna's sweet little head, though. ;-)

I would LOVE the pattern for your scarf. I'm useless at figuring out changes in patterns. I'd love to knit that for my mom for Christmas. She had neck surgery two years ago and is now very self conscious about the back of her neck showing (scar).


I love all the projects you've been working on. The mitten is a piece of artwork! Nice job.


oh! i remember those dkny sweaters! with leggings! my mom knit a bunch of those during the 80's. i was still on the little projects. :)
i am SO ready for little projects. hats. mittens. scarves. bring them on!

i love the little top that you put on your rose hill hat.
and i can't wait to make that scarf.


Great knits - love the mitten!


Funny how that scarf pattern keeps coming back. I had some like that when I was a kid in the 1950s. Very cute!


Oh I am all about the Small Knitted Accessory as well. But there is one gigantic difference between you knitting life then and now: now you are knitting for a Princess Angel Baby and must produce hand knit garments for her, that's your job as Aunt Kimmy.

The scarflet is beyond cute and I understand what running out of steam is, but the mitten is awesome. Block seriously, seriously remedies those peeking out strands, I swear!!


Ooh I love that scarf! Please post the pattern, it would really be just perfect for some yummy Malabrigo I have.


I bond with you...I can't seem to finish my sweater...oh well, I firmly believe there is a time for everything in live and we go in cycles. You might have a 'sweater year' one year. I love that little cute. I can totally picture the little princess in it :)


I've been in love with those mittens fro my first sighting!
And I love your little scarf- very cute, great job!

Happy knitting-


You are such a talented knitter! And fast too. I love seeing all of the projects that you finish. :)


That is a darling little scarf! I will cast on for that asap, and the sweater in progress will be relegated to the back burner again!


Beautiful little quick knits - the little hat is darling. Now, when are we going to start our Heroine sweaters? :)


I love the scarflet! Can't wait for the pattern....

teabird / ravelry


quick knits are always fab. i need a few on the needles to work on while in the middle of a bigger project so i don't go bonkers! i need those quick fixes!
awesome job on the scarflette, gotta get that in my queue for 'someday'!


Your little knit retrospect put me in the mood to do the same. Maybe.

Love your scarf, can't wait to see it on Ravelry.


Oh Kim, the scarf is lovely, please, please share the pattern soon and just think, the time taken to write up the pattern is yet more time spent not sweater knitting! I think we all need to go through phases with out knitting and smaller projects are so wonderfully satisfying. The Habu knit took a lot out of me and although I love the end result I keep thinking of all the things I could have knit in that length of time.

Rachael Rabbit

the mittens look amazing and such a detailed pattern ...


i love all your little projects. Beautiful mittens! i have that pattern, but I am too scared to try them. yours are beautiful.

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