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12 November 2008


Rose Red

Ha! Love that picture!! Except I'm not sure that a homey (or whatever the right term is - I'm so not up on that stuff!) would be wearing a pink flower beanie. But hey, whatever floats your boat, right!


Happy Blogiversary (sort of!). Very cute picture - and gorgeous yarn!


i've never commented before, but love your blog and have just taken up sock knitting - so i'd be thrilled to win the giveaway! such a cute picture and happy blog anniversary!

theresa/t does wool

Happy need to enter my name...;-)


Oh Gianna, pick me! Pick me! I want to be the little homey's choice, even if it is random.


Malabrigo does sock yarn?? I never thought of that, I'm just trying out my first skein of Malbrigo worsted, and of course loving it. I'll have to go searching for some MMmmmmalabrigo sock yarn if I'm not the lucky winner ;-)
Gianna, you're just too adorable for words!


happy blogiversary, happy birthday, 1000th comment, 1000th post.............
all wrapped up in one.
nice sock yarn!


What a great idea...when I need a baby fix, I look at your blog. My kids are older and not so photogenic and cooperative as G. Thanks!
jsample on ravelry


What an amazing color of sock yarn! Congrats on your anniversary!


Congrats of 3 years of inspiring blogging! I always love your projects and posts. I cast on for a Just Enough Ruffles scarf right after you posted yours, and I'm loving it! Now I just need to bind off (and I may run out of yarn, sigh...).


I've been enjoying reading your blog doe a while now, and am loving the photos (and the knitted mouse).

Happy pseudo-blogiversary!


How's bout you keep the yarn and give me the baby? No? Okay, then I'd love to win that yarn!

That scarf really did turn out lovely, though my brain cells can't quite wrap around what you said you did. I'll reread it a dozen times or so then the lightbulb will no doubt click on for me, though. That's just the way my brain works (or doesn't!).

Those are the cutest little chubby pink feet I've ever seen! ;-D


Happy pseudo-blogversary! I've read your blog for a while now, but never find anything sensible to say. This time's no exception so let me just wish you many many years of inspiring blogging ;)


Heureux bloganniversaire! Trop mignon Bébé! Adorable!


Happy blogiversary from a once-blogger who gave up too easily. Love that sock yarn. Haven't tried it yet. Also love the name Gianna!


That yarn is Yummy! Love the GaGa-Gia... She's just too stinkin cute!


LOVE Gianna's getup! She's just too cute :-)


That is the best picture ever :)


No need to enter me, though I am running out right now (well, it's really more of a virtual run, so to speak... to the Webs site to get me some of that yarn). I will use it for a scarf, though, not for icky feet! Congrats on three years of running a fabulous blog!


Oh I would love to win! Happy blog-o-versary!


Congrats on you quasi blogiversary!


I admit it, I'm a lurker. Been reading your blog for a while now and I'm not sure I've ever commented. I'd love to be included in your contest though!


Wait - wait: there's something in your stash that is not gray? Who knew? Three cheers for you, my LYS homey!


Oh yah, I want to, BIG TIME!!!

Come on G, put those sweet sticky fingers on my name!


Happy quasi blogiversary. I agree with Rose Red. I doubt many homies go about in pink flowered beanies, but wouldn't the world be a better place if they did.


Yay! Happy Blogiversary to you!
And you're giving away some new coveted Malabrigo Sock Yarn?! You are generosity personified today- I would totally be hoarding it myself, hence I am not generosity personified today, maybe tomorrow, but not today...

Happy knitting-


oh what a great post - blogaversary news, yummiest malabrigo sock yarn I've seen yet, and sweet baby Gianna giving us some love. It's almost too much. You're the best! YAY! Let the giveaway fun continue!!


Wow! Three years! Happy Blogiversary. That picture of Gianna with the caption is just so darn cute!


Long time reader, new commenter. Happy Blogversary.


I feel like such a giveaway-whore since I've only commented once before but I have read your blog for awhile and enjoy seeing your adorable niece. So please, Gianna, so pretty in your pink hat, pick me! Pick me!

BTW, perfect caption for Gianna's picture!


That hat is too much! She's so cute.


I'm falling asleep and could use some chocolate to wake me up :)

oh, and love the pic/caption of Gianna


Happy 3rd Blogiversary. Love your blog!


So now I'll admit that I read your blog and from time to time follow a link to a pattern I buy. Thank you!


Look at that adorable hat! So friggin' cute!


What a generous celebration. Happy Blogiversary!

Andi Gallegos

As a new knitter I still have been dreaming of knittig with some of the finer yarns. I absolutely drool everytime I check out your site. You are inspiring, please keep up the posts!!!


The yarn is positively gorgeous but that niece of yours - aw! Happy blogaversary - psuedo and otherwise!:)


Happy blogiversary! No need to enter me in the giveaway - I have so much! Thanks for always sharing that cutie!


HA!! @ "Word" (you are killing me over here today!)

Happy Pseudo-Blogaversary!!! You had me at Malabrigo!! But SOCK yarn I am salivating!! ;oD


Happy blogaversary.
Please note: on your Nov. 10 blog, the tags for the Ruffles scarf & the Mousie both link back to the same Ravelry page!,

TD wool design

i know she's reaching for my name!
how nice of you to do this in honor of your anniversary blog! and malabrigo ~ yum!


hello, my name is traci and i've been a lurker. this special occasion seems like a good time to come out of the woodwork so, happy blogiversary to you! it's very generous of you to have a giveaway. YaY!

p.s.your daughter is just precious and those big eyes...too sweet!~WoRd, back atcha! hee hee :D


Happy blogiversary! xxx


Happy blogiversary! Adorable the pink :).


I would love to win a skein of Malabrigo Sock!


Ditto! (And by that I mean happy blogaversary!)


Happy blogiversary! Yummy yarn? I can't resist!


Wow, thanks! Cute girly.

Lisa Q

Happy first time posting on your blog. Love the cutie in the adorable hat. The yarn looks yummy too.

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