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05 June 2008



Oh, don't worry - the goodies from AU are being replaced as we speak.

[And how gorgeous is that Casbah - and little J, of course.]


he truly is gorgeous. oh, and the yarn is great too.
and -- eek! -- you'll still get your awesome stuff from down under!
how fabulous.


That yarn is almost as pretty as Joey :)


Wow! I've never had lavender in my chocolate- what an interesting combo for a dark goodie...
Oh, and the yarn, I've never knit with it yet, but it sure looks and sounds scrumptious- enjoy it!!

Happy knitting-


Oh, that is gorgeous yarn! And don't give up hope on your goodies from Australia - they have a way of finding their way one way or another! My package TO Denise there ended up going to Aust-RIA first, but eventually - because thankfully they can read there, even if the guys here can't - it got re-routed and delivered. Hope yours also has a happy ending!


The yarn is positively gorgeous, no doubt; and you've been blessed with a package of goodies, but.....I am really in love with your dog. What an absolutely adorable (I could go on forever with the adjectives) little pooch! :-)


I'm glad all the stress and worry was worth it, and that you like your loot.

I feel like Joey is giving me the stink eye. He looks like he's saying "Chocolate? Don't you know that stuff could KILL me? Would it have been so hard to throw a nice, juicy t-bone in the package? I'm SO disappointed. Humans blow!"

Rose Red

Look at that Joey and his little snorglable tummy!

That is gorgeous yarn - such wonderful muted but shiny colours.


I have been coveting that yarn ever since I saw it at Knitch in ATL! I never heard of it before until then! VERY nice yarn! And I want some!

I say copy cat! You know you want to! ;o)


The cashbah is on my list - it is gorgeous! The cowl is awesome, why think up something when you have a project right there?:)

Theresa/t does wool

what luscious goodies,I believe I am envious :-)


i really wish that i could touch that yarn. it looks so soft!
and i really wish i could have a bite of that chocolate bar right about now.
what fabulous goodies! and handmade stitch markers!!

copy. i so would copy.


Joey is definitely liking that yarn...he is hoping for a cowl of his own :) Beautiful yarn...I was admiring that yarn on Nicole's website as well, drooling over it, thinking how much wear I would get out of something like that....must make one too.


Gorgeous yarn. I would covet it. But that's just me.


Nicole is such an unbelievable doll! And I love your casbah...I want will be mine....heh heh


I'm with Mad, Mad - don't give up. Packages just take detours. Just pray it's not been opened and plundered by some arsehole before it reaches you. That happened with something I sent to Amy. Grrr


Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn! I say savour it a while. Then marinate, then decide what to do.

Cutie underwhelmed Joey!


Great swap!! Beautiful yarn!

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