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14 May 2008



The sweater is would be nice if you could make it fit. The color is wonderful because it would go with so many things and the styling is so simple and minimal - that is my kind of sweater. I would not worry about the antler buttons...and I laughed at your reply to Jim...too funny!


Too big? Oh no! It would make a wonderful gift, but it would be even nicer if just moving the buttons would make it fit better.

I vote "upside down" on the cowl, too.


I think the second pic of Grassy looks better too. And oooh sweet Joey, how cute he looks wearing it:) Love the cardi, shame you might have to gift it, can't you just wear it on cooler days wrapped all around you ;)
I just tried to do the crab crochet stitch on Jaden and failed, I am not a crocheter and it looked awful. I'm having serious issues with it right now, need to blog about it and them perhaps sneakily stuff it away somewhere :-/
Have a super day.


I believe that upside-down is rightside-up where Grassy is concerned. Also, good comeback!!!


I think as the knitter it's your prerogative to wear your pretty Grassy any which way you like it (though for the record, I too think it's better updside-down).

I feel your pain about the garter jacket. My cocoon sweater has suffered the same fate. I'm sending mine to the frog pond, as I covet the yarn too much to give it away (greedy greedy). What a bummer, cause it looks really nice, and I love the evil, murderous buttons (b.t.w. they're only evil if they're horn, which aren't shed by the animal, as opposed to antlers, which are).


right side up, up side down. both look great.

and OH NO! i can't believe it is too big!!!
that is such a bummer. i love those antler buttons. :)
really. just in shock over here. over the size!


At least some animals shed their antlers every year. Then people go around and collect them to use for buttons, hair clips, etc. I would guess that your antler buttons are from the found kind of antlers not the trophy head in the hunters' lodge kind of antlers.

Both grassy and the sweater look great. Sorry about the fit issues!


Such a sweet model for Grassy! I love that garter stitch jacket! What a bummer that it is too big. Even as a throw-on jacket?


I think I like Grassy best upside down too:) It is gorgeous! And the sweater - no words, it is perfect! I hope you enjoy wearing it!


Ok, the last line made me laugh too hard, so now I don't remember the rest! Darn it - I hate this getting old thing! Oh well, I think it was probably just that I liked Grassy and think the sweater looks great - I'm sorry it doesn't fit!


Mmmm, steak...

Love the puppy pic!
Happy knitting-

Rose Red

Love that yarn you used for the garter stitch cardi (heh!). I've knitted two Jo Sharp patterns and both have been too big. I think she has very large sizes (which actually makes a nice change from those designers for whom a size 12 is really a size 8, or whatever). But still, annoying that it is too big - hope the button move fixes for you!

Also love the Grassy yarn and agree upside down seems to work better.


Good call on the steaks!

It's all just gorgeous. I think either way is fine with the grassy.

And the jacket is stunning - I'm sorry it's too big!


Joey looks good in grassy! Could you steek and seam the garter stitch jacket to your size? Thats a mad idea isn't it!!!


That is definitely Joey's colour - he's so handsome. ;)

[I'll email you re the jacket.]


LOL @ Slaughter of animals. I love my antler buttons!

And I should be upside down! Really like those browns.


Oh just look at him, he looks so proud. Gorgeous jacket too, I love the buttons and don't they shed those antlers anyway?


Joey looks precious! He is a great model. Don't know that Grassy would work on Ashley - it would look cute on Mamma Duck though!!


Just gain 20 pounds eating the steaks he buys and you'll fit into the jacket just fine! That's what I tell Shawn to do when I knit him something. Slim down or fatten up! :) Both FO's look great!


both look awesome! I miss Joey and Mags! :)

sabrina hirsch

Joey is a great model, he clearly has experience! Grassy looks great, I think you could put either side up, right? Oh, and that garter stitch jacket turned out amazingly, do we get modeled shots?

sabrina hirsch

Joey is a great model, he clearly has experience! Grassy looks great, I think you could put either side up, right? Oh, and that garter stitch jacket turned out amazingly, do we get modeled shots?

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