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13 March 2008



Adorable chicks and kiddo!


Those little birds are so ingenious. Did you create the pattern yourself? They are a fabulous little reminder that Easter is here without the cutesy pink stuffed 'stuff' that abounds at Easter. They have a very earthy, artisan look about them. Please share where you found instructions.


Raina, the pattern is Berroco Bluebird from Curly Purly - the same as in my last post, just different yarn. Enjoy!


Love your 'peeps'!;)


the chicky is so cute!... Love that t-shirt!


i LOVE the chick. so much.

and i bet chicks love him too!


Cute cute cute!


Awwww, little chickie look so cute - and little guy too :)


I LOVE the chicks! I suspect that they may start popping up at my house - even if the youngest is a 6'2"-growing-by-the-minute-and-yard 14 year old male! They are too cute!!!!!


I don't think you need to apologize for fun fur - on a chick! I think that's pretty much the only acceptable use (and especially when it comes out soooo cute! That guy is adorable.) But while we're on topic, today I saw a MAN wearing a fun fur - it was ghastly, ghastly, ghastly and some more ghastly in terms of colors and even furriness - scarf of all things. And I just stared and stared because I'm rude that way I guess, and I was shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Also, as you may be able to tell, from my having gone on and on like this, a little bored... But anyway, can you even imagine?! UGH!


chicks chicks chicks. i LOVE them. i am going to make 3 this weekend. nothing as cute as those though. couldn't find any fun fur ANYWHERE!
sorry about henry. he was destined to be dumped from the first stitch.

Rose Red

so you are going to fill the telephone lines with rows and rows of birds...

love these ones - entirely acceptable use of fun fur. or should I say fun feathers!


oh wow. How freaking cool is that?

And I love Flutter. Very nice. It's on my to do list too.

Cute little boy - very cute t-shirt!


LOL! @ high-class fun fur! Surely it is!

You are definitely into chicks (great correlation with your little cousin's t-shirt!) but they are just perfect for Easter!!


That kid is COOOOL! When I have a kid I want him to be as cool as this one! :)

I think you've discovered the perfect use for fun fur.


Oh, man, you weren't kidding. That is Defcon 1-level cute! I can't stand it!


Fun fur, eeeek! But I forgive you, the chicks are very cute and in truth, I would not even have known it was fun fur if you hadn't said.

sabrina hirsch

I have absolutely no problem with fun fur, I mean come's fun! And look at those chickies! I love Nicole's "Defcon level 1 cute" lolz!
Happy Easter!

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