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01 March 2008



Love his ears!


So cute! Love the tie on Mr. Bunny! :oD

And yep spring is right around the corner!!

Happy Weekend to you too!


Such a smart little chap!

sabrina hirsch

That is the cutest thing EVAR! WANT!
oh, and happy march/spring!


yep. so stinkin' cute. how great would those be for the easter baskets?????


He is gorgeous!

Rose Red

Oh yes, it is a Rule that bunnies must have pompom tails! Mr Oliver is ever the gentleman bunny with his pompom tail and pink tie!


Ollie is adorable!.. I'm sure Baby G will love him!


I love the bunny love! Love it!

I so want to make one of these.

Kim, while I'm thinking of it, are you on Ravelry? I tried finding you and couldn't.


Your Oliver is adorable! You can tell that he was made with lots of love. That's so important these days when it seems like everything else is made with lots of lead paint. Gianna is a very lucky baby to have such cherished toys like this one from such a talented auntie. Maybe this early exposure to bunnies will make her want to collect them like you.


Eeee so cute! I'm totally linking to it.


That is very cute. Lucky Baby G!


Oh he is gorgeous, he looks so soft and really suits his name, you are the very best of aunties.


What a cutie!


Oh my God, how CUTE IS THAT?! And I love that he already has friends! You are such a great auntie!


Awww, he's so cute :-) and I love his name.


I love him! [I was thinking of sewing a bunny for baby G... I have a pattern in one of my Japanese craft books.]

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