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11 March 2008



Those birds are cute! Your yarn is the best, the Habu looks so nice ...


Lovely yarn and very cute birds ;) Thanks for the inspiration and pattern link.


We all need a bit of instant gratification from time to time and they are soooo cute!

Lovely, lovely package, so many good things.


Jimmy Durante--ha ha! I bet the kids these days don't even know who he is;) Seriously, the birds are too darn cute, please make about 15 more!!


Excellent yarn gifts!! I love those little birds, too. Too cute.


Adorable! I had to laugh at the Jimmy Durante comment, he still looks so cute:-)


I'm happy you like the gifts! The chicks are perfectly cute!!!!


What a great gift! And I love that bird, I mean those birds! I bookmarked the pattern promptly - sweet, thank you for the link!


tracy really does get you. what fabulous gifts!
i can't wait to make some of those birdies!! too stinkin cute!!
i just love that shot of them both. together.


Oh, how tweet!

heheheh me so funny!

Rose Red

I think you should make a whole flock. And string them up on the telephone lines *cue scary music*.

No, really, they don't look menacing at all, just cute! Way cute!


First, adorable baby and her assorted knits. Now this.

Seriously, I'm sending you my dentist bill.


Those are such cute birds. My grandmother is coming up from Florida this week and one of those birds would make a great gift for her to take back on the plane. Thanks for the link!


The birds are super-cute. I think I might try different colors and add them to Easter baskets. Thanks for the link.


Oh my gosh. The birdies are so cute. I've been all about instant gratificaton lately.

Oh, and LOL @ Jimmy Durante beak.


What beautiful yarn and sweet little birds!

sabrina hirsch

Holy S@#%, I am obsessed w/them, and I love the Jimmy D beak, adorable...WANT!


VERY nice fiber!!! And I haven't heard of coconut kisses! Wow!

Hey...I have already come to terms with the fact that I am Ms. Quick Knit Queen! LOL ;op

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